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Doing the Thailand shuffle

February 2, 2017
Scomadi people

Photo: Scomadi PM Tuning

Scomadi PM Tuning, the folks you bring you Lambretta-inspired modern scooters, announced in a Facebook post Wednesday that it would be shifting production from China.

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Going once, going twice, SOLD!

January 19, 2017
1960 Lambretta Li 125 Series 2

This 1960 Lambretta Li 125 sold Thursday at Bonhams Scottsdale auction. Used with permission – ©2017 Brenda Priddy

It’s collector-vehicle auction time in Arizona, and once again Bonhams Scottsdale had a vintage Lambretta on offer.

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Trade War II

January 14, 2017
Vespa GTS 300

How does $13,398 U.S. for a GTS sound? (Piaggio Group ohoto)

Surely you’ve heard President-elect Donald Trump say he wants to slap YUGE tariffs on goods imported from China and Mexico. Well, there’s a distinct possibility of such a tariff being imposed on European motorcycles. And it’s much larger than what Mr. Trump proposes.

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ISOTY, 2016

December 26, 2016
Aprilia SR 150

Aprilia SR 150 Sports Scooter. Yes, really. (Piaggio Group photo)

Word arrives in my inbox about the recent accolades received by Piaggio’s Aprilia SR 150 scooter. In India.

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November 16, 2016
Mickey, Minnie and the scooter

Disney Animation

Remember the Mickey Mouse opus Croissant de Triomphe? Well, Mickey, Minnie and the anthropomorphic scooter are back with a new adventure.

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Fake, fake, fake

November 14, 2016
React365 screen grab screen grab

The story was being shared all over Facebook. “Vespa’s coming out with a new 500cc shifter bike!” people breathlessly exclaimed. Um, no, they aren’t.

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2016 Seattle Auto Show

November 11, 2016
Buick Envision

Envision a Buick crossover built in China (Orin O’Neill photos, except as noted)

Seattle International Auto Show

Another year passes, another Seattle Auto Show comes to CenturyLink Events Center. As always, if cars aren’t your thing, you can avail yourself of a DECADE’s worth of scootery awesomeness elsewhere on this here blog. Still with me? Great! Read about the auto show after the jump.

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