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Getting a leg up

May 25, 2015

My legs

Jeez, it’s almost June already?

I’ve often found myself bewildered at how quickly time seems to pass as I get older, but 2015 has set some kind of record. I suppose spending nearly all of the year in medical facilities has something to do with that.

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SYM sees your 150, raises you 150

May 20, 2015
SYM Wolf 300 Classic

SYM Wolf 300 Classic (via

Among the many introductions at Germany’s 2015 Intermot show is this tasty morsel from SYM.

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2015 Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS: Scooterfile review

May 11, 2015
2015 Vespa GTS 300 Super

2015 Vespa GTS 300 Super (Piaggio Group)

I do not presume to think this here blog is your only source for scooter news and views (though I like to think you’re getting a perspective here that is unlike anything else in the scooter blogosphere). There are many others worthy of you time and attention. Scooterfile is one of them. And Nathaniel Salzman’s review of the 2015 Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS is especially so.

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Reader’s Ride: Key West Vespa(s), part 3

May 7, 2015
Michael and P200E

Michael on his 1979 P200E, rocking his trademark pink Crocs (Photos by the author)

If you’re just joining us, guest author Michael Beattie, aka Conchscooter of Key West Diary fame, concludes his story of old-skool Vespa ownership following the jump. You can catch up by reading part 1 and part 2.

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Reader’s Ride: Key West Vespa(s), part 2

May 6, 2015
Conchscooter P200

Photos by the author

In our last episode, Michael Beattie, aka Conchscooter, had decided he wanted another Vespa P200. He talks about finding one—in Iowa—and getting it back on the road, after the jump.

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Reader’s Ride: Key West Vespa(s)

May 5, 2015


Hey, I’m still here… at the moment posting, never mind riding, is a bit difficult. So today, please welcome a guest author.

Michael Beattie, aka Conchscooter, is the writer, photographer and publisher of Key West Diary, which started out as Key West Vespa. Michael recently acquired a Vespa P200E, which he uses to ride to his job as a 911 dispatcher for the Key West Police Dept. His story follows the jump.

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#AVINDY15: are you still going?

March 30, 2015

Amerivespa 2015

By now, you have surely heard about Indiana governor Mike Pence signing the extremely controversial “religious freedom” bill into law. In a nutshell, in Indiana (like several other states) it’s okay to discriminate against various groups of people if those people offend your religious sensibilities.

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