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The Running of the Oysters

September 25, 2017
All bikes are welcome

All bikes and riders are welcome at the annual Oyster Run (Orin O’Neill photos)

The fourth Sunday in September sees the annual Oyster Run converge on the pleasant town of Anacortes, Wash. What started out as a few guys getting together to ride to Edison, Wash. and eat oysters grew, and grew, and grew. While not as big as Sturgis, the Oyster Run fills Anacortes’ downtown with 2-(and 3-)wheelers of every possible description.

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Vespa as survival tool

September 19, 2017
Key West Irma damage

Hurricane Irma hit Key West, Fla. hard (Michael Beattie photos)

Michael Beattie, aka Conchscooter, is the writer, photographer and publisher of Key West Diary, which started out as Key West Vespa. He is also a 911 dispatcher for the Key West Police Dept., which required him to remain at work while Hurricane Irma inflicted its damage on the Caribbean and Florida. His story and pictures of the aftermath follow the jump.

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Running of the tiki totems

July 25, 2017
A group of scooters

Photos: Reylan Tubig Fernandez

Last weekend saw Seattle’s Hooligans SC stage their 2-day Tiki/Totem Run. I wasn’t there, but Rey was. He took some pictures, which follow the jump.

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Back from the dead

July 22, 2017
Morgan's Kymco People 150

Morgan’s Kymco People 150 was often a beast of burden (Morgan Mahana photos)

At times, one of the biggest challenges of scooter ownership is keeping it (them) running. You’re often damned if you do (ride it regularly and often) and damned if you don’t (let it sit). My friend Morgan ran into this problem with her Kymco People 150, which for many years served as her sole means of transportation.

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What were we bid?

July 10, 2017
Auction scooters

Philip and Christian came to the auction for a Michelin sign and left with scooters… (Philip Reid photo)

Amerivespa 2017’s featured event happened Sunday, as 196 items went up for bid at the Neale and Sons Auction. While lots of memorabilia and collectibles crossed the block, the real attraction was the scooters.

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Amerivespa 2017: photo extra

July 9, 2017
Contemplating the scooter

Contemplation at the concours (Orin O’Neill photo)

As is my custom, I present pix from #AVSeattle17 that I particularly liked, after the jump.

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You’ve probably heard by now…

July 9, 2017
Downtown RVA

Downtown Richmond, Va. (Wikimedia Commons)

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