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Road Trip Maps

GTS, with pace notes

The GTS, with old-skool GPS

I have a scooter and I’m not afraid to use it. Especially on road trips. While the GTS is fast enough to ride on any paved road in North America, the PX required a bit of planning, the idea being to minimize exposure to speed limits over 50 mph.

The best thing about that planning was taking back roads and seeing new places, many of which meant little more to me than white letters on green signs posted near Interstate highways. I’m often dismayed at the number of people I talk to who have no concept of these back roads; “what’s it like riding a scooter on the freeway?” they ask. For the most part, it sucks. I try to avoid freeways whenever possible, simply because I don’t want to take a chance on being squished by an 18-wheeler, the driver having no idea I’m there.

Here’s where I went. Don’t be afraid to travel off any of these routes—make them your own. As Rick Steves is always saying, the guidebooks are a starting point. Find something on your own. Your trip will be much more memorable. Don’t forget to check for road closures and detours—dial 511 in Washington and Oregon. Oh, and don’t think you have to use a scooter. Any vehicle will do. Even a cage…

San Francisco Almost 49 miles, also a Scenic Drive.

Bellingham Loop Everything Bellingham, in one 2-hour ride.

Bellingham to Spokane Via Winthrop and Twisp.

North Portland to Forest Grove, Oregon Spring Scoot 16’s Sunday ride.

Tri-Cities, Wash. to WA 14

The Confluence, NE Portland The intersection of Sandy Blvd, NE 39th Ave and NE Halsey St

Portland to Yakima, Wash.

Tri-Cities, Wash. to Spokane Direct and scenic routes.

Sammammish Plateau to Downtown Seattle From Seattle Met’s Commuter Derby.

Seattle to San Jose, Calif. (Amerivespa 2009 ride)

Seattle to Portland on the STP Route

Seattle to Enumclaw, Wash.

Seattle to Edmonds, Wash. (includes Perrinville side trip)

Seattle to Bellingham, Wash.

Seattle to Snohomish, Wash.

Enumclaw, Wash. to Tri-Cities, Wash.

Bellingham, Wash. to Vancouver, B.C.

Southworth, Wash. to Gig Harbor, Wash.

Snohomish, Wash. to Darrington, Wash.

Kingston, Wash. to Port Angeles, Wash.

Bremerton, Wash. to Kingston, Wash. via Keyport and Poulsbo

Bremerton, Wash. to Bainbridge Island, Wash. via Keyport and Poulsbo

Astoria, Oregon to Longview, Wash.

Southworth, Wash. to Astoria, Oregon

Arlington, Wash. to Stanwood, Wash.

Seattle to Tacoma, Wash. via Des Moines and Dash Point Road

Bellingham, Wash. to Tsawwassen Ferry, not on I-5/B.C. 99

Mukilteo, Wash. to Ravenna neighborhood, Seattle

Lake Washington Loop All the way around, starting and ending at Cafe Racer.


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