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AIMExpo scootery haps

October 17, 2014
Yamaha SMAX

Yamaha SMAX arrives at dealers very soon (Yamaha photos)

While there’s an auto show happening in Seattle, there’s also a motorcycle show happening in Orlando, Fla.: The second annual AIMExpo is looking to become America’s EICMA, a show not just for the public, but for the media and the powersports business. While scooters were not a big part of the show, there were some interesting introductions.

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2014 Seattle Auto Show

October 15, 2014


As you may recall, I had to give last year’s show a miss because I’d just gotten out of the hospital. I’ve recovered, and can (more or less) walk the show floor, so you get the full meal deal this year: show coverage, and auto industry rants in more or less equal proportions. As always, if you have no interest in such things, there’s a treasure trove of scooter-related awesomeness just waiting for you to explore. The story follows the jump.

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Another one’s NOT gone *updated

October 2, 2014

Triumph of Seattle logoVespa Lynnwood logo

For once, there’s some good news on the local powersports business front. Triumph of Seattle and Vespa Lynnwood announced their move to a new location.

That location would be the building in Seattle formerly occupied by Aurora Suzuki, which went out of business September 30.

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Scomadi latest

September 23, 2014

Scomadi Ltd logo

I know y’all are interested in Scomadi Ltd.’s upcoming Bertone-inspired scooters. There’s a new promo video, and some new developments regarding specification and pricing, all of which can be found after the jump.

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2014 Roadkill Rally

September 22, 2014
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Longhorn statuary

Because, TEXAS (Photos courtesy Chuck Smith)

Deep in the heart of Texas (sorry), a small group of intrepid scooterists competed in the inaugural edition of the Roadkill Rally, a combination endurance event and scavenger hunt that took place Saturday. Riders collected points for finding things and completing tasks. And wearing costumes. Event organizer Chuck Smith has the details after the jump.

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Book review: Proficient Scootering

September 17, 2014

When it comes to the subject of riding motorcycles and scooters, there’s an awful lot of bullshit out there.

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Bob Leong

September 15, 2014
Bob Leong

Bob Leong, aka bobskoot (Photo: Trobairitz’ Tablet)

Word comes of the passing of Bob Leong of Vancouver, B.C. He was known to friends and fans as bobskoot, though more recently he had been riding motorcycles.

Bobskoot passed in his sleep from an apparent heart attack while on vacation in Nashville, Tenn. He and his wife Yvonne had been traveling through the South in Bob’s Corvette, a trip which included a visit to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.

Bob’s blog Riding the Wet Coast began in 2008 and was noteworthy for prolific posting and Bob’s observations on his many long road trips, first on a scooter, then on a succession of motorcycles.

Bob was also famous for sporting pink Crocs, the molded plastic footwear from Boulder, Colo.

Arrangements for memorial services are pending. This post will be updated when that information becomes available. Favicon


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