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Mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money… not

July 29, 2014


The Piaggio Group released its financial report for the first half of 2014 on Monday. In a statement issued at that time, the company said “measures taken to control costs and productivity kept the key profit margins at the same levels as the first half of 2013.” However, a number of factors in key markets pointed sales (and profits) downward.

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Number 9… number 9…

July 27, 2014

The morning ride from Zuanich Point Park is about to leave (Orin O’Neill photos)

If it’s the fourth weekend in July, most folks in these parts know that means time for Hamster Run in Bellingham. This one was the ninth edition.

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Scooter in the new sticks

July 16, 2014

Scooter in the Sticks masthead

If you’ve been a longtime follower of Steve Williams’ seminal scooter blog, Scooter in the Sticks, you might have noticed a few changes. Not only is there a new theme, but a new URL:

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Happy Bellingham Pride

July 13, 2014
Nelly on her GTS

Nelly on her GTS; she let me ride her P200 in the parade (Orin O’Neill photos)

It’s been a while since I last rode a scooter in a parade. And it’s been a while since I’ve ridden one that required shifting gears.

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Speaking of recalls…

July 9, 2014

Front view

It seems not a day goes by without more bad news regarding the General Motors ignition recall. Such things are not limited to cars and trucks, as you probably alreday know if you own a Genuine Stella 125 Automatic.

If you don’t know, here’s what’s up: As reported first by Scooterfile, Genuine Scooter Company is recalling all 2014 Stella Automatics to replace a potentially defective ECU. As this is a potential safety issue, this recall has been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which will assign a recall number and make details available on its website.

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Insanity the 27th

July 5, 2014
Alley parking

Insanity 27 scooterists gathered at Café Racer Friday evening (Orin O’Neill photos)

Fourth of July fell on Friday in 2014, which for our purposes meant Day Two out of four days of Scooter Insanity. This 27th version included an evening gathering at Café Racer, centered around the raffle of a 2014 Stella Automatic. Which I didn’t win. :(

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I knew this would happen

July 1, 2014
946 Bellisima

Vespa 946 Bellisima (Piaggio Group)

If you wanted a Vespa 946 but weren’t able to get one from the initial batch, you’re in luck! :)

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