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Amerivespa 2016: It’s a wrap

June 26, 2016
Big Vespa on a trailer

The Big Vespa is outta there! (Jackie Fitzpatrick photo)

Amerivespa 2016 wrapped up with breakfast at a place called Minglewood Hall.

I suppose it’s possible that name is not hopelessly contrived, but it’s hard not to think of the owners of that place touting it as “a place to MINGLE, near the WOODs.”

Jaylin's foot

Jaylin Billig photo

Unfortunately, journalism can at times be a dangerous undertaking.

Our intrepid correspondent Jaylin Billig was headed back to the campground after breakfast when she and Maverick ran afoul of the Madison Ave streetcar tracks (sound familiar?).

Jaylin’s injuries were not serious… flesh wounds, pretty much. She said her foot helped minimize damage to Maverick as well. Spoken like a true scooterist.

The wounds quickly dressed, Jaylin headed home to Houston.

Attention now turns to Amerivespa 2017 in Seattle. “It’s going to be an amazing ten-year anniversary of Amerivespa in Seattle,” said Vespa Club of Seattle president Kristin Donovan, who added “this time I’ll have a working scooter.”

Hmm. I will need to get going on that myself.


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