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They sell the body elettrica in the U.S. now

November 8, 2018
Vespa Elettrica pre-booking site

Now available to pre-order in Murka (Vespa screenshot)

Well folks, your wait wasn’t nearly as long as first reported.

You can now be the first on your block to put down a deposit for your very own Vespa Elettrica online. Point your browser at the Vespa Elettrica pre-booking site and have your credit card ready.

However, it’s not super-obvious how to begin the booking process. Go to the bottom of the page, fill in the city field, select a dealer and hit the “continue” button. You jump through a few more pages before you are asked for a credit card number, which will be charged $749 U.S. (MSRP is $7,499, which is a bit more wieldy than the Euro price converted directly to greenbacks).

Pre-booking is also now available in most of Western Europe, the U.K., and Canada. And Mauritius. :\

If you change your mind, you can get your deposit back. And chances are you won’t wait nearly as long to take delivery as you would for, say, a Tesla Model 3.

It’s likely most of these will be sold in Europe, because there are lots of places where the only motorized wheeled vehicles allowed are electron-eaters.

But if you live in the States and want to go electric, $7.5 large will get you a used Nissan LEAF with 10-11 bars of battery capacity. About the same range as the Vespa, but room for four adults and fair amount of stuff. As good for getting groceries and short trips to/from work, but you can have a used LEAF (or any other used electric; they don’t hold their resale value. At. All.) right now, today.

The Vespa dealer in Tucson pops up on the pre-booking form, so once they have one on their forecourt I will have a close look (and, I hope, a test ride). If you, dear reader, decide to take the plunge, drop me a line and let me (and by extension, everyone else) know how it goes.

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