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Almost the square root of pie

March 11, 2018
Riding 2-up in the Seattle sunshine!

When it’s sunny in Seattle, people wanna RIDE! (Photos: Brendan Shriane)

The winter of 2017-18 in the Pacific Northwest has been particularly hard to take. The cold and dark seemed colder and darker than usual. Needless to say, sunny skies and temperatures in the 60sF were welcomed by all. Especially scooter folk.

There used to be a Pie Run in Bellingham, though it, like the scooter scene in the ‘Ham, came to an end a few years ago. Every time, the weather was miserable. And all the places the Bellingham Pie Run went have gone out of business.

PIE! ride meetup

A group of scooterists met up Sunday morning at a place in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood called… wait for it… PIE!

Two-up riders

At the stroke of noon, it was off to a West Seattle pie place called… wait for it… Ala Mode Pies.

The group, on the road.

This was the kind of day that causes Seattleites to go slightly crazy. “OMG, THE SUN’S OUT! We’ve got to DO SOMETHING!!!

Rally on Alki Avenue

Doing something at Alki Beach is the first thought of many Seattleites. A scooter ride is a great thing.

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