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The other shoe has dropped

March 8, 2018
Stella Automatic

Genuine Stella Automatic (Photo: Genuine Scooter Co.)

You’ll recall LML, the Indian company that manufactured the steel-bodied scooter sold in the U.S. as the Genuine Stella, went into the Indian equivalent of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2017. Resolution is at hand.

The Economic Times of India reported Tuesday that LML’s assets will be liquidated. No attempt to revive the company will be made. (Keep in mind a crore is not currency, but represents 10 million in the Indian numeric system. A crore is 10 lakhs, which is also not a currency.)

It’s telling that the potential bidders consider the company’s most valuable asset to be its real estate. LML had fallen behind most of its competitors, particularly with regard to Euro 4 emissions compliance in European and other markets. Many countries have banned 2-stroke engines, a staple of LML’s product line, in road-going vehicles.


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