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The ultimate designer label, value sized

November 15, 2017

BMW’s new C400X aims for a piece of a large market (Photos: BMW Motorcycles)

BMW introduced a new scooter at EICMA 2017. The C400X slots below the current 600-ish cc offerings, which were introduced in 2011.

The 400cc maxi scooter market is a significant one outside the U.S., dominated by Suzuki’s Burgman 400. You’ll see lots of these in Italy, because they are fast enough to ride on the Autostrada and versatile enough to substitute for a car, which can cost significantly more to own due to higher taxes and registration fees. In Japan, there is a statutory limit of some kind that makes anything on two wheels with a 400cc engine popular.


As you can see, it doesn’t push the envelope for this category, or for scooters in general.


Of course, there is underseat storage… a modern scooter without a pet cooker is unthinkable. There probably aren’t any “NO PETS” stickers, however.

BMW C400X instrument cluster

Notice the LCD instrument display. It would seem likely the windscreen is adjustable, and that a heated seat and grips would at least be optional.

There was no mention of pricing; presumably the C400X will sticker out below the C650s’ $10K+. In the U.S., a Burgman 400 goes for a bit less than $8,100, so the Beemer should play in that ballpark.

I’ve repeatedly asked BMW how many C650s they’ve sold in the U.S., and they repeatedly ignore me. That would suggest U.S. availability of the C400X is something the holding of one’s breath for is not recommended.


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