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The Running of the Oysters

September 25, 2017
All bikes are welcome

All bikes and riders are welcome at the annual Oyster Run (Orin O’Neill photos)

The fourth Sunday in September sees the annual Oyster Run converge on the pleasant town of Anacortes, Wash. What started out as a few guys getting together to ride to Edison, Wash. and eat oysters grew, and grew, and grew. While not as big as Sturgis, the Oyster Run fills Anacortes’ downtown with 2-(and 3-)wheelers of every possible description.

Even scooters.

Vespa S 150, and something else

For once, the weather was hospitable… it was sunny and summer-like Saturday (not an official rally day, but most attendees make a weekend of it), and merely overcast Sunday.

The Longhorn Saloon in Edison, Wash

The sound of motorcycles resonated throughout the Skagit Valley, riders patronizing businesses that bill themselves as biker-friendly and/or Oyster Run supporters. The Longhorn Saloon (above) is one of the best-known and most popular of such establishments. Scooter folk stop there on group rides, too.

Bikes in downtown Anacortes

The bikes start rolling into downtown Anacortes early Sunday morning.

More bikes in downtown Anacortes

They kept on rolling in. All day, all the time.

BMW R1200RT in downtown Anacortes

While the vast majority of bikes are Harleys, there were quite a few BMWs

CZ something-or-other

There were also occasional rarities like this CZ.

Scooter powered... something

Then there was this, which as you can see is powered by the engine/transmission unit of a modern scooter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch up with the driver… I would like to have known more.

Modded Ruckus Moped

There was even one Honda Ruckus and one moped! I also saw a Piaggio MP3, but was unable to catch up with the rider.

Seattle Cossacks drill team

Throughout the day, there was entertainment on 5th Street, provided by the Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Drill Team, among others.

A busy day. It was getting late, so I decided to head for home.

More and more bikes

The bikes just kept on coming.

Of course there are more pictures. See them by clicking right here.


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