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Back from the dead

July 22, 2017
Morgan's Kymco People 150

Morgan’s Kymco People 150 was often a beast of burden (Morgan Mahana photos)

At times, one of the biggest challenges of scooter ownership is keeping it (them) running. You’re often damned if you do (ride it regularly and often) and damned if you don’t (let it sit). My friend Morgan ran into this problem with her Kymco People 150, which for many years served as her sole means of transportation.

It needed work, then it sat outside in non-running condition. But she kept it, bringing it with her in a move to North Carolina a couple years ago.

She recently decided a car was better suited to her present transportation needs, and serendipitously found a mechanic who would give it a thorough going-over in exchange for the non-running People. That was three days ago.

Reanimated People, front view

Fancy Nancy lives.

A bit of carburetor fettling, a bit of paint, and a repaired transmission case shock mount later, it’s as good as neww. Starts right up, runs like a champ, gobsmacked its new owner with how fast it can go.

Kymco People 150, side view

Resplendent in fashionable satin black, the People is an excellent example of how much easier attached plastic body panels are to work with than a steel body. Pop ’em off, spray, let ’em dry. Rustoleum is perfect for such applications.

Aftermarket exhaust

The aftermarket exhaust is the cherry on the sundae. The new owner is thinking this will be the shop bike, and plans to make it a rolling billboard.

Morgan said she’d almost like to buy it back.


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