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Amerivespa 2017: photo extra

July 9, 2017
Contemplating the scooter

Contemplation at the concours (Orin O’Neill photo)

As is my custom, I present pix from #AVSeattle17 that I particularly liked, after the jump.

AV 2017 banquet

Photo: Amerivespa, via Facebook

The Awards Banquet was held Saturday evening at the University of Washington’s Don James Center.

Fremont Troll

Brendan Shriane photos

The Ride of the Macabre included a stop at the world-famous Fremont Troll, which is located on the north side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, under the Aurora Bridge. That’s an actual Volkswagen he’s holding.

Capitol Hill Coke machine

Another Seattle oddity is the Capitol Hill Coke machine. It just sits there, seemingly owned by no one, though it’s always stocked (and apparently the money gets collecteed).

Group ride

Look closely at the above photo and you’ll see the scoot at the front is a Vespa 946. There was a white one out and about, too.

Oscar the Sidecar Dog

Photo courtesy Nelly Lizarraga

Oscar is always up for a ride. He’s famous… he has his own Facebook page.

Randy's Restaurant

Amerivespa, via Favebook

Randy’s Restaurant on East Marginal Way is a favorite breakfast stop on group rides. Originally a Denny’s, it has retained the 1960s Denny’s décor (magenta Naugahide, FTW!), with the addition of model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. Lots of model airplanes. Being on the same street as several of Boeing’s production facilities, it reflects its primary clientele very well.

Milk crate

Orin O’Neill photos

If you go to a lot of scooter rallies, you’ll collect a lot of patches. What to do with them? Ducks came up with a novel solution: make a wrapper for the milk crate. The wrapper is burlap, so air can pass through (no flapping in the breeze). And it’s easily removable, so as you accumulate more patches you can make more wrappers. Brilliant!

Patina sidecar Lambretta

Throughout the Scootin’ Old Skool Media Empire, I find the most popular pictures are of 1) Lambrettas, 2) scooters with sidecars, and 3) patina. This one combines all three. Views should be off the charts! 😀


Unlike some other rallies, Amerivespa is open to all makes and models of scooters. And the occasional fairly oddbike like this one.

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  1. John Kiniston permalink
    July 13, 2017 9:41 am

    Your ‘Fairly oddbike’ is a Vespa Grande moped.

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