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Amerivespa 2017: Day three in Georgetown

July 8, 2017
Georgetown mural

Orin O’Neill photos

Seattle was once again sunny and warm (someone from San Diego even said it was a bit warmer than she was used to!), and I was able to see it up close and personal! Pix and observations follow the jump.

I could not believe my good fortune in finding a parking spot on Airport Way directly across from the vendor exhibit area.

12 oz iced mocha

An iced mocha at All City Coffee was a good way to start the day, as the vendors worked to get their spaces set up.

Hagerty Insurance

One of those vendors was Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures classic cars and vintage motorcycles. With vintage scooters’ value about to launch into the stratosphere, insurance will become a much bigger issue.

Kymco Like 150i

Kymco has long been a big supporter of Amerivespa. A bigger supporter, in fact, than a certain company in Italy that made a scooter out of leftover airplane parts. Starring in their display was a pre-production version of their new Like 150i, due in dealer showrooms in August. The Like 150i replaces the Like 200i (which is actually only a 160). I, uh, like this one a lot. Mainly because I can put my fake right foot flat on the floorboard. In fact, the geometry is nowhere near as scrunched-up as many other Asian scoots’. I’m looking forward to riding one.

S.I.P. Scootershop display

Lots of folks were stoked that Germany’s S.I.P. Scootershop was in the house. Lots of folks send them lots of money; they are known worldwide for their OEM replacement and hot-rod parts for vintage scooters.

Scooters at The Stables

As the morning went on, more and more scooters and riders rolled in. The parking areas at The Stables and on S Vale Street filled up quickly. BTW, Amerivespa isn’t just for Vespas.

Honda Helixes

These Honda Helixes were easy to spot.

Honda Big Ruckus

So was this Big Ruckus.

Small-wheel Vespas

Of course, there were lots and lots of vintage Vedpas.

Pennsylvania SCOOT plate

And lots of scooters from other states. The owner of this plate says he has every possible version of the word “Scoot” for the state of Pennsylvania.

Scooters ready to roll

As the time came for me to head out, riders were queueing up for a ride to Alki Beach to meet the Seafair Pirates, a group that kicks off Seattle’s annual Seafair celebration by landing on Alki Beach to rape, pillage and plunder. Fancifully, of course.

Scooter rally shenanigans were on tap for the afternoon, with the Awards Banquet to follow in the evening. We’ll know where Amerivespa 2018 will be held by then.

There are lots more pix for your enjoyment. Click right here to see ’em.

  1. Mark Morris permalink
    July 9, 2017 6:20 pm

    Looked liked a lot of fun. Thanks for the report!

  2. July 9, 2017 6:21 pm

    You’re welcome! 🙂

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