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Amerivespa 2017: Day two

July 7, 2017
Scooters on the ferry

The Bainbridge Island riders pretty much took over the ferry… (Photo: Phillip Reid)

As more scooters rolled into Seattle, riders had a choice of two long rides, a medium one, and a short one in town.

Scooters took up roughly half of the car deck traveling to Bainbridge Island for the first of the long rides. Regular readers of this here blog will recall that scooters (and motorcycles, and bicycles) get to jump the queue at Washington State Ferry docks, and board first. Ferry trips on scooter rides are always popular, and are often a part of local rallies.

I'm king of the world!

Photo: Amerivespa, via Facebook

Like many others, these folks were getting their Titanic on. However, unlike that ill-fated vessel, a Washington State Ferry has never run into an iceberg.

Jimi Hendrix Memorial

One of the best-loved rides in the Seattle scooter scene was a part of Amerivespa 2017: The Ride of the Macabre.

First held as part of Los Gatos Gordos SC’s Paseo con Los Muertos ride in 2003, The Ride of the Macabre is an annual tour of Seattle’s most notorious and infamous places, also including stops at the Jimi Hendrix memorial in Renton (right).

Other stops have included the site of 1983’s Wah Mee Massacre in Seattle’s Chinatown International District (the building was razed a few years ago to make way for new development), the building on Dexter Avenue N where serial killer Ted Bundy worked as a Crisis Clinic counselor (yes, really), and the Lake Washington residence of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (the guest house on the property where Cobain took his life was also razed).

Bruce and Brandon Lee's graves

Another popular highlight is the stop at the graves of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee in Seattle’s Lakeview Cemetery. Both died while making movies. If you go, bring Tootsie Rolls to put on Bruce’s grave.

The other rides on offer were a loop of Lake Washington, and a short ride visiting some of the Seattle locations featured in movies and TV shows.

Vancouver, BC

The photo above is of Vancouver, B.C., which lots of movies and TV shows try to pass off as Seattle. I hate that.

The day ends with a party at China Harbor, on Seattle’s Lake Union. There’s live music featuring The Kings, The Freams, and Bandolier, which came out of retirement just for Amerivespa.

Scooters at China Harbor

Vendor exhibits and the scooter auction preview are on tap for Saturday.


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