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Cannonballin’ in 2018?

April 17, 2017
Cannonball scooters

Early arrivals at Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo, Wash., the finish line for the 2016 Scooter Cannonball (Orin O’Neill photos)

It’s not too early to start thinking about the 2018 version of the Scooter Cannonball Run. Not at all.

Mukilteo, Wash. was the finish line for 2016’s event, which saw 34 scoots traverse the 3000 miles from Florida.

Event organizers recently announced 2018’s start and end points:


Since the previous event ran east to west, it will go the opposite direction in 2018, starting from Morro Bay, Calif. (near San Luis Obispo on the south central coast).

Morro Bay harbor

Morro Bay is sort of famous for the big rock (City of Morro Bay, California)

The finish line will be in another place with a famous rock.


Plymouth, Mass. is indeed where the Pilgrims landed. You can see a replica of the Mayflower.

The Mayflower, in Plymouth, Mass

Dates are to be determined, as is the route. You can get the latest info at the Scooter Cannonball Run forum:

While a few competitors have simply gotten a bike and ridden it, most do at least some preparation. One of these can save you time on each stage.

Auxiliary gas tank

I would love to do this. Let’s see what happens.

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