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The oily bird catches the worm

February 26, 2017
Lubri-gas camel

Kinda like 2-stroke oil, huh? (Dawn Brightwell photos)

Winter is hanging on for dear life in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, the days are longer and the temperatures warmer during the day, but a light dusting of snow can still greet you in the morning. Luckily for Tacoma’s Firkin SC, the snow stayed away Saturday, the occasion of their monthly group ride.

The Tacoma Narrows bridges

The group gathered for breakfast, then crossed the Tacoma Narrows to Gig Harbor.

Ride destination

Firkin Dan led the group to a friend’s place, which houses a large collection of interesting odds and ends.

Signs, signs and more signs

Lots of odds and ends. Lots and LOTS of odds and ends. Most of the items date from before WWII.

1914 Harley-Davidson

Lots of antique motorcycles, too. The bike above is one of several early Harley-Davidsons.

Indian fuel tank

Indian is well-represented, too.

Pierce-Arrow motorcycle

Pierce-Arrow was a leading maker of luxury touring cars in the early 20th century. Maybe you’ve heard of them. Did you know the company also made motorcycles? Notice the engine in this one, which is from the same time as the Harley.

These, OTOH, were not part of the collection.

Group bikes

Ducks took a whole bunch of pix, which you can see here. In fact, you’ll soon be able to see a few of the bikes up close and personal in one of the Smithsonian‘s museums.

Karen and sculpture

It was then time to head for the Flotation Device for libations and noms. Firkin Karen is feeding the troll. Or whatever it is.


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