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Time marches on

October 24, 2016
The Horizon Fairbanks

The Horizon Fairbanks, in 2011 (Orin O’Neill photos)

I’ve lived in Bellingham for almost seven years. Long enough to talk about locations in terms of what used to be there, I’m afraid. I guess that’s inevitable… as are the changes that have taken place.

Take the building that used to house KVOS, one of Bellingham’s two licensed TV stations. It sat vacant for a long time, before finally being renovated and put on the commercial rental market.

The former KVOS building

The satellite dishes once used to capture TV programs were finally removed, though the microwave tower remains. The building is now called Ellis Station, which I’m guessing is a nod to its former life. A few tenants have moved in.

Speaking of repurposing, the former Toyota dealer turned flea market has made another transition.

The former flea market

The flea market closed for good quite a long time ago; the construction equipment moved in and razed the buildings a few weeks ago. Apparently the site is being prepped for construction of a nondescript 4- or 5-story apartment building with street-level retail. Except nobody seems to have noticed the other street-level retail in similar buildings is mostly vacant.

Remember the Stone Pot Korean restaurant?


Yep. Gone. Well, the restaurant biz is cruel, and only the strong survive.

Stone Pot note

The Tokyo House has a banner on the front that says “Korean BBQ.” I’m not sure if that includes bibimbap.

Finally, the mothballed cargo ship Horizon Fairbanks (pictured in the lead photo), which had been berthed at the Port of Bellingham since 2007, got towed away to be scrapped in April. Given the current realities of the shipping biz, the Fairbanks was much too small to make financial sense for its owner.

Still, it’s strange not seeing it.

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  1. October 24, 2016 6:22 pm

    They keep telling us change is good. I’m not so sure.

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