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Go land speed racer, 2016 edition: Day 5

September 1, 2016
Jaylin with timing slips

The last day was a very good one! (photo courtesy Jaylin Billig)

Thursday was the fifth and final day of the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. There was still a chance for Jaylin to improve on her 175 M-CG record.

After replacing more nuts and bolts knocked loose by the rough parts of the salt, Jaylin spent the morning out on the course. She got four runs in before the 1:00 pm deadline; here’s how they looked.

8:39 am 57.502 mph (Down mile)
9:43 am 61.207 mph (Return mile)
11:06 am  64.018 mph (Down mile)
12:07 pm 63.205 mph (Return mile)

The result was a bump in her 175 M-CG record from 52.8 to 63.611 mph. A great way to cap off another year of racing.

The dogs in the Tahoe

The dogs are pleased. So is Jaylin.


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