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Go land speed racer, 2016 edition: Day 4

August 31, 2016
Hattori in the staging area

The staging area was rather empty… (Jaylin Billig photos)

It was a day spent chasing higher speeds.

However, three test runs did not produce the speed seen on Monday’s return run. Jaylin made more adjustments, finally coming up with a setup that seemed likely to yield more speed only to have the course closed early due to high winds.

The pits have emptied out, as many competitors have gone home, some with broken bikes. Japanese rider Hiro Koiso broke both hands in what was described as a spectacular crash (his bike was in pieces, though he suffered no other injuries).

Fae in the Spurs chair

Fae is conserving her energy for Thursday, the last day of the meet. Jaylin is hoping to see 70.


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