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Go land speed racer, 2016 edition: Day 3

August 31, 2016
Hattori with fairings

Hattori is Partially Streamlined (Jaylin Billig photos)

Did Jaylin set another record? Find out after the jump.

With the 175 M-CG record in hand, on Tuesday Jaylin turned her attention to preparing Hattori for a run at the MPS record.

The fairing needed to be cut slightly

“PS” means partially streamlined, aka fairings. Test fitting revealed a couple of clearance issues.

Jaylin slicing

Besides duct tape, nothing is more useful to racers than a Dremel rotary tool.

The fairings installed, Hattori teched, it was time to head for the staging line. There was no waiting this time (other competitors were having problems), Jaylin made a qualifying run at 60 mph and a return run at 61, Not as fast as Monday’s return run, but a 175 MPS-CG record nonetheless.

The dogs

The dogs approve.

The racing is not over, oh no. Jaylin can now attempt to improve on her performances. Stay tuned.


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