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Go land speed racer, 2016 edition: Day 2

August 30, 2016

At Bonneville, the early bird gets the worm… (Jaylin Billig photos)

Jaylin set a new record Monday! She’ll tell you about it after the jump.

Went out super early Monday for my first run. Halfway through the timed mile Hattori lost power to one of the cylinders, limped through it on half power at 37mph.

But it was a complete run so I placed the bike in impound and got my tools (when you do a qualifying run but need to do repair before your backup run you must do so in the impound area).

Working on Hattori between runs

As I suspected, the rough salt this year had rattled loose one of the carburetors’ main jets. After cleaning everything and tightening up the jet we hooked the trailer up to my truck and towed the bike out to the return staging area.

A new record!

On the return run, Hattori was running as strong as she ran on Sunday, and we did 67mph! Now I know this bike is capable of 70mph with some tweaking. Oh yeah!!! Our new 175 M/CG record: 52.8 mph. —Jaylin Billig

Adele was not happy with the first run

Adele sez, “That first run was awful!”


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