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Floating to a meltdown

August 8, 2016
Scooters and tent

Dawn Brightwell photos

The weekend saw scooter camping rallies on opposite sides of the continent: the Firkin SC’s T-Town Flotilla in Tacoma, and Three Mile Island SC’s Meltdown 2016 in Pennsylvania. Pics follow the jump.

Time sure flies — this is the Firkins’ sixth Flotilla. The group converged on Dash Point State Park, this time spending the whole weekend at the campsite.

Parkway Tavern meetup

As is the case with pretty much all scooter rallies in Tacoma, the Friday night meetup happened at the Parkway Tavern.

Setting up the campsite

Firkin SC photo

After an evening ride, it was time to set up the campsite.

Glowing scooter

Reylan Tubig Fernandez photos

No, the scooter did not get parked over the campfire.

Group shot

Folks were enjoying themselves. The weather was great, sunny and seasonably warm.


Dawn Brightwell photos

A Flotilla tradition has been baked beans and toast for breakfast. This year, the menu was more ambitious. And the itinerary included a stop at Jason the Scooter Whisperer’s new shop, Andiamo Let’s Go.

Safety Ed at Andiamo Let's Go

The Three Mile Island Scooter Club hosted its first Meltdown camping rally in 2004. Held on the banks of beautiful Conodoguinet Creek in Camp Hill, Penn., mere minutes from the bright lights of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital city.

Ice cream truck

Three Mile Island SC photo

It being rather warmer than the Pacific Northwest, Meltdown boasted a handy ice cream truck.

Tent pitched

Lettie Blundon photos

As you can see, the Meltdown campsite was flat and grassy.

Meltdown band

They not only had an ice cream truck, they had a band.

Ole Miss alum on vintage Lambretta

Of course there were vintage scooters.

Meltdown gymkhana

Three Mile Island SC photo

And the usual scooter shenanigans.

Hope you had a good ride over the weekend.

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  1. Lettie Blundon permalink
    August 9, 2016 7:13 am

    The long ride at the Meltdown was awesome! Hills, twist and turns so much fun! They did an awesome job and we enjoyed ourselves! We drove from Memphis and we will be back!

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