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There’s a new kid in town

August 1, 2016
Blue Aprilia Mojito knockoff

Orin O’Neill photo

This turned up at the foothill villa a few weeks ago.

While it looks like an Aprilia Mojito, it is in fact one of the many Chinese knockoffs of that retro scooter. I don’t know for sure why there are so many such knockoffs, but I’m going to guess the genuine article’s bodywork is sourced in China. (If you know, leave a comment below)

I know it’s a 150 because it wears a typical Chinese scooter model number: MC-150-something-something. I could find no model name or emblem, but the scoot is brand-new and shiny. No scratches, yet. I don’t know which of my neighbors owns it, at least not yet.

Oh, and it gets ridden daily. Well, the weather has been sunny and warm lately.

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  1. August 4, 2016 4:57 pm

    Key West is packed with these things. I thought they were Lances or some other unmemorable brand. They do the job.

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