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Insanity the 29th

July 4, 2016
Scoot About display window

Scoot About shows one way a new scooter is better than a Craigslist find (Orin O’Neill photos)

This time next year will see scooterists from all over the U.S., and even the world, converge on Seattle for Amerivespa. In the meantime, Seattle’s biggest scooter rally saw its 29th renewal.

Saturday was the first full day of rally activity, starting with coffee and doughnuts (Krispy Kreme, in fact) at Scoot About in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.

One of the many Lambrettas

There were quite a few Lambrettas out front. More and more scooter peeps are acquiring Lammys. Or, like Ducks, have friends who have acquired them and call on the person who knows about scooters for help.

Ducks is putting one back on the road that was a barn find, twice. Long story, best left for another time. She’s turning the wrenches in Jason the Scooter Whisperer’s new shop in Tacoma, and the friend is writing the checks. Why nothing like this ever happens to me, I can’t say.


It goes without saying that a lot of photography took place during the day.

New Genuine Buddy Kicks

I was looking closely at Scoot About’s inventory. They had several of Genuine’s new Buddy Kick 125. I’m intrigued… I hope to take one for a test spin sometime soon.

Me on an '08 Stella

Scoot About had some interesting used scooters on sale. I was particularly drawn to the orange 2008 Stella, on offer for $1,500.

Now that I have my “definitive” prosthesis, I’m eager to see how well certain things might work. Things like riding an old-skool scooter, f’rinstance.

I no longer have right-ankle flexion, and the range through which I can bend my knee has been reduced. It therefore took some effort to set my right foot on the floorboard.

As for working the brake, well, positioning my foot to press the pedal requires deliberation, something that might not be possible in an OMG! I NEED TO STOP RIGHT NOW!!! situation.

The folks at the amputee clinic often praise my problem-solving skillz, and I’m inclined to think a few weeks of looping an empty parking lot might make foot braking second nature. We’ll see.

The majority of the scooters could be found around back.

Scooters waiting to leave

I once again forgot to count, but there were enough bikes to make the alley rather crowded. People came from Tacoma, and even Portland.

The last of the group

Annnndd they’re off.

Yes, there are more pictures. Find them right here


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