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Oyster scooters

May 7, 2016
Nelly's GTS

Nelly is ready to scoot! (photos: Soldiers of Destiny SC)

Spring has sprung early in Seattle and Western Washington, which among other things means time for the Soldiers of Destiny SC’s Shuck & Scoot ride. Justin Barnes tells all after the jump.

We came. We shucked. We scooted.

The Soldiers of Destiny SC’s 3rd Annual “Shuck & Scoot” scooter rally might have skipped a year… but when there are still dozens of oysters to shuck and miles of beautiful roads to ride – who cares?

Beer and oysters

This year’s ride started at Mollusk in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood where we kicked off the morning by slurping down a few dozen oysters and sipping a couple Roadside Repair ISAs before heading north toward the Mukilteo waterfront (the end point for this year’s Scooter Cannonball, btw —Ed.).

On the road

The weather was beautiful, 2-stroke smoke was in the air, and ear-to-ear smiles were on the faces of everybody we passed on the ride through a few of Seattle’s fanciest neighborhoods. We arrived an hour and a half later at a sandy beach, sunshine, ice-packed coolers at the ready. Dozens of Hama Hama Oysters awaited a Tabasco, lemon, and sherry mignonette bath.

Oysters and lemons

After soaking up some vitamin D, a few cans of hoppy suds and all of our shellfish, the group headed south, hugging the shoreline along the way to our final destination, the Watershed Pub & Kitchen in Northgate.

Parked scooters

We kicked up our feet, sipped a few more Roadside Repair ISA’s, and wolfed down 10 whole pizzas in less than an hour! Prizes were awarded, laughs were loud, and we celebrated another successful day of oysters, sunshine, and turning strangers into friends. Aren’t scooters the greatest?

Plans are already in motion for Shuck & Scoot 4 in spring 2017! See you there? —Justin Barnes


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