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Yamaha grasps the concept

April 9, 2016
Yamaha 04GEN scooter

Yamaha 04GEN debuted at the first-ever Vietnam Motorcycle Show (Yamaha photos)

Aside from Pho’ and Bahn Mi, Vietnam is rather famous for city streets teeming with scooters and motorbikes. Vietnam is also becoming famous for its transformation from communism to the kind of state capitalism that propelled China’s economy to second-largest in the world. Which among other things means more and more of Vietnam’s people can think about such things as style and image. Especially when it comes to transportation.

Occupying a featured place at the first-ever Vietnam Motorcycle Show was Yamaha’s latest concept scooter, the 04GEN.

Yamaha 04GEN concept

Yamaha’s press release reads like something Piaggio would produce, saying the 04GEN “evokes the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace in mind and body.” Designboom likens its shape to that of a swan.

04GEN wings extended

I dunno, this view just screams *FLYING INSECT* to me. I rather like the idea, because it makes access to the scoot’s innards easier. But while the panels are translucent, so as to show off the underlying components, there’s really not much to see.

04GEN top view

A feature I really do like is the way the 04GEN uses a smartphone as the instrument cluster. The high-quality materials and finish show obvious influence by the Vespa 946.

But will it be going on sale for $10,000?

Yamaha Tricity

If it does, it wouldn’t be the first time Yamaha has copied Piaggio. The Yamaha Tricity, above, debuted as the 03GEN.


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