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And Bob’s your uncle

April 4, 2016
British scooters

Scooter friend Drew went on his first U.K. group ride the other day (Drew Garcia photos)

Many dream of it, scooter friend Drew has done it: he’s moved to the U.K., and gotten a scooter. His first foray into the Worcestershire (yes, as in the sauce) scooter scene follows the jump.

There were several of the PX’s British cousins.

Vespa PX

There were Lambrettas, natch. These days, the British like them better than the Italians do.

Lambretta with purple accents

I don’t think purple was an original factory color. But it’s my favorite color.

Tribute murals are big in Britain.

Beatles tribute cowl

Bob Marley is a popular subject, too. I imagine David Bowie murals will become more numerous, soon.

PX with lights and mirrors

Accessorize. Or, as Brits spell it, accessorise.

Vespa-like Asian modern

Asian faux Vespas are rather numerous across the pond. Drew says the owner of this example absolutely loves it, though he didn’t know it has a GY6-based engine.


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