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Splitting atoms

February 16, 2016


Word comes of a lane-splitting bill being introduced in the Colorado General Assembly.

House Bill 16-1205 would allow lane-splitting as understood by pretty much anyone who rides a motorcycle or scooter; in this case, it’s allowed when traffic is moving 5 mph or less, and limits the 2-wheeler to 15 mph. It also makes cagers preventing scooter/cycle riders from splitting a no-no. A sensible piece of legislation, making minor changes to an existing law.

Unlike Washington’s Bizarro-world Senate Bill 5623, which isn’t lane-splitting at all, and which apparently is still alive in the Washington Legislature.

You can read my original post about SB 5623 right here. This hot mess passed the Senate in 2015, and if the House version were to do likewise, it would go to Gov. Jay Inslee (who as far as I’ve been able to tell, thinks about 2-wheeled motor vehicles, like, NEVER) for a signature or a veto.

So, if you live in Colorado, get in touch with your state representatives; if you live in Washington, pray that the House has too much else to do to worry about a change in motorcycle law.

Everyone needs to look closely at how the bicycle community gets the things it wants passed. Hint: don’t show up at a legislative hearing dressed like you want a part on Sons of Anarchy.


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