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Go, land speed racers?

August 17, 2015
2015 salt

You can’t race on salt like this… (Photo from the Internet)

The other shoe dropped today.

In an email to competitors sent early Monday morning, the organizers of the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials announced the 2015 event has been canceled due to the condition of the racing surface.

The email noted, “we are seeing that the salt this year is not the same as years past. The traditional race courses for all of the organizations are becoming increasingly difficult to develop.” The Southern California Timing Association had earlier canceled its long-running Speed Week event for the second year in a row. The future of land speed racing at the storied Salt Flats has become more uncertain with each passing year.

Be this as it may, Jaylin Billig says she’s going to press on with her efforts to prepare Hattori for a run on the salt, such as it is. In a Facebook post she said, “For me, Bonneville is more than just racing. More than a destination. It’s a place I simply must return to, even if it’s only myself and the winds across the Flats. It is my home.”

Indeed, those who compete are a community, a group of competitors who when needed pitch in to help make sure everyone who has traveled to the salt gets a chance to run.

And Jaylin says when they’re not racing, there’s one hell of a party at the Wendover Motel 6. That might still happen… Favicon


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