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The Spy who loved scooters

June 8, 2015
Spy publicity still

In the movie Spy, Melissa McCarthy rides scooters (Photos: 20th Century Fox Film Corp.)

Unless you’ve been hanging out in a cave on a Himalayan peak, you’ve probably seen promos for the movie Spy. Many times.

In one of the more frequently played scenes, Melissa McCarthy somehow manages to drive her SYM Fiddle II into a lake of wet concrete and get hopelessly stuck. Well, Spy is a comedy, after all.

In case you have been on that Himalayan peak, here’s the 411: Ms. McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who went through field ops training but ended up assigned to a desk. When all the other agents’ covers are blown, she is tapped to go undercover to prevent a worldwide catastrophe. Hey, it’s a movie, remember?

I get the impression Ms. McCarthy is supposed to be doing her spying in Rome, but it doesn’t quite look right. Like those movies and TV shows that are set in Seattle but filmed in Vancouver. One reviewer called the character “an expert motorcyclist” but an expert motorcyclist probably wouldn’t have done this.

Spy publicity still

If you were wondering, yes, that’s a BMW C1. And FWIW, lots of other people asked why someone would put a roof on a scooter.

In case you were also wondering why lately scooters seem to be turning up in movies and TV shows for no particular reason, (aside from product placements) so am I. Especially since most such placements are like the ones in Spy, props for comic relief or atmosphere.

In any case, the movie sounds like it’s worth seeing. While researching this post I ran across a list of movies up to 2004 with scooters in them. Have fun perusing, I will see you AT THE MOVIES! Favicon

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  1. June 8, 2015 2:17 am

    I came across that list, irritatingly not alphabetized, when I reviewed a short movie with a Vespa, God of Love. Nicole Kidman does an admirable job of simulating confidence actually riding a Vespa with a purpose in The Interpreter and George Clooney in The American does things to a Vespa I’d be ashamed to explain to my mother. Bloody vandal.

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