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2014 Roadkill Rally

September 22, 2014
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Longhorn statuary

Because, TEXAS (Photos courtesy Chuck Smith)

Deep in the heart of Texas (sorry), a small group of intrepid scooterists competed in the inaugural edition of the Roadkill Rally, a combination endurance event and scavenger hunt that took place Saturday. Riders collected points for finding things and completing tasks. And wearing costumes. Event organizer Chuck Smith has the details after the jump.

Winner Chris Jacob saw his many hours of preparation pay off, walking away with the 1st-place trophy by collecting over 1000 points. He relied on hand-written route sheets and map printouts… he didn’t need no stinkin’ GPS! Chris also wisely took advantage of alternate routing that allowed him to ride faster, with less time spent on lower-speed roads.

Cloud Stryfe, aka 2nd-place Morgan Mahana

Second-place finisher Morgan Mahana garnered almost 800 points on her Aprilia Scarabeo 500. Morgan was the only rider to wear her costume for the entire ride (Don’t worry, she gears up while riding —Ed.). Pulling into a rural town dressed as Cloud Stryfe from Final Fantasy IV—complete with GIANT sword—takes a special kind of special! 🙂


“You’re driving along and you see a tortoise…” “What’s a tortoise?” “You know what a turtle is?” “Yeah…” (This guy was not roadkill; the riders moved him to a safe location)

Each rider completed the ride within the seven-hour time limit. All riders competed in the Jack Rabbit class, the highest-displacement of the four available classes.

Historic brewery

Shiner Bock beer is brewed here

Riders stopped at historic locations, such as the brewery above, to collect points.

Chinese Ruckus knock-off

David Lopez completed 300 miles on a Chinese Ruckus knock-off powered by a 150cc GY6 engine

The 10 days before the event saw torrential downpours, flooding and weather that was just not rider-friendly. Understandably, many entrants assumed the crappy weather would continue and withdrew. The nine riders who participated were rewarded with near-perfect riding weather. —Chuck Smith

Chris Jacob

Winner Chris Jacob shows off the trophy. Favicon

Final Results (team, name(s), scooter, points)
1. Solo – Chris Jacob (Vespa GTS), 1039 points
2. Solo – Morgan Mahana (Aprilia Scarabeo 500), 789
3. Team Fuqit – Kristen Harrison (Vespa GTS), Joshua Rouw (Vespa GTS), Patrick McGranaghan (Kymco People 300), 661
4. Team Alamo Scoots – Siri Castillo (Vespa S 150), Kymco Zx (Piaggio X9), Wayne Dunaway (Genuine Buddy 150 [naked]), David Lopez (Ice Bear Ruckus clone w/ GY6 150), 482


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