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Scooting About Seattle

September 14, 2014
View from inside

The view from Scoot About’s basement (Orin O’Neill photos)

Summer’s not over yet. Not until the 23rd, anyway.

The sun shone brightly in Seattle, and when that happens, riders wanna ride. About 40 of them showed up at Scoot About in downtown Seattle to do just that.

Alley parking

The parking area behind Scoot About’s building was tightly packed.

The plan for the day was a leisurely tour of Seattle, suitable for 50cc scooters and new riders. Our friend Chuck took the point, accompanied by Safety Ed.

Our friend Chuck and Safety Ed

The group’s first stop was the quintessential Seattle photo op, Kerry Park. Photos opped, the group saddled up, but Stef’s newly-acquired 2007 GTS wouldn’t start.

Stef's GTS

Luckily, she was at the top of a hill; accompanied by a couple of group members, she coasted down the Counterbalance, then pushed the bike back to Scoot About. Happily, the service department was staffed, so the GTS could get looked at right away.

The group returned a couple hours later for food and raffle prizes. It was a good day for scooting about, for sure. Favicon


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