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Hey, I’m gonna get you, too

August 30, 2014


Just when it seemed the dust had settled, another longtime Seattle motorcycle dealer announces its closure.

Well, fifty years IS a long time, and the owners’ desire to retire is certainly understandable. And the location is in prime nondescript-4-story-condo-with-street-level-retail territory, so a lost lease or offer to buy the property too good to pass up may well figure into it, too.

But Aurora Suzuki was one of those places, like Kent Kawasaki and Renton Motorcycles, that you’d thought would be around forever. However, as one poster in a local moto forum noted, “You can’t make a living flooring (dealerspeak for keeping inventory) $12,000 motorcycles and making $250 off of each one.”

Suzuki hasn’t exactly acted like a company that wants to be in business long-term. The TU250X, an excellent starter bike, is STILL not available new in California; for the longest time, the only scooters on offer were 400 and 650cc versions of the Burgman maxi (the new-for-2014 Burgman 200 ABS is visible on their website, but whether any are in dealer hands, I don’t know).

American Suzuki Motor Company filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after taking its eyes off the ball trying (unsuccessfully) to sell cars. The cars were actually pretty good, but poor marketing and having dealers that only saw them as a way to generate subprime car loans certainly didn’t help matters.

Of course, if you’re looking for a new bike, parts or accessories, there will be deals to be had until September 30, 2014.

Aurora Suzuki’s closing leaves Suzuki motorcycle dealers in Woodinville, Everett and Bremerton, Wash. For now, anyway. Favicon


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