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Go, Land Speed racer: Day 5

August 27, 2014
The Bonneville pit area

The salt was rather soggy on Wednesday (Photos courtesy Jaylin Billig)

No runs today. Jaylin tells this story so much better than I could, and she will do so after the jump.

Third time's a charm!

Three in a row! (Have we mentioned how the salt gets onto EVERYTHING? And that’s nothing compared to how much gets on the bikes…)

Rain storms overnight trashed the pits and the tracks, leaving a sopping wet mess to greet us in the morning. All day I’ve been dealing with rainy conditions, cleaning up our pits and looking for things that blew away.

The organizers called a riders meeting at 8:30 to inform us racing was delayed until noon, when they would decide whether the tracks would be safe enough to race on. I decided to take Maverick down to teardown while we waited and pulled him over in the trailer. Inspection passed, my record is certified!

We learned at noon that racing would be cancelled today due to track conditions.

Worked on Hattori and got her running better, but I was chasing electrical demons the rest of the day. I swear that bike is POSSESSED! At one point she was sitting in the pit and trying to start… all by herself!

Good news—by the end of the day I had her running nicely and starting right up (with a jump).

Tomorrow I’ll get in the race line at 6:00 am and see if I can get her down the track! —Jaylin Billig

Hattori Hanzo

Hattori runs Thursday

One more day of racing remains. #GoJaylinGo


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