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Go, Land Speed racer: Day 4 *updated

August 26, 2014
Timing slips

Photos courtesy Jaylin Billig

“Best speeding ticket I ever got!”

The pieces of paper Jaylin is holding are timing slips, which show Jaylin’s new AMA speed record.

The way it works in the Land Speed Record biz, you make a pass one way, then come back the other. Your final speed is the average of the two passes. In Jaylin’s case, that worked out to 64.790 mph, a big leap over her previous 175 P-AG record.

The salt was smooth, and Maverick’s new 4-valve cylinder head helped produce equally smooth horsepower. A perfect run. And definitely worth the wait (see earlier posts).

Jaylin and Maverick at speed

A little scooter on the vast expanse of salt (Photo:

However, the Champagne corks can’t be popped just yet. Tech inspectors will measure Maverick’s cylinder to ensure that its volume is indeed less than 175 cubic centimeters (No prob, Jaylin says), then the AMA must certify the record. That takes awhile.

Maverick at the starting line

With Maverick’s mission accomplished, Jaylin’s attention is now focused on Hattori. A new ignition coil has been found! Jaylin installed it and it worked—the Honda starts and runs. She devoted the rest of the day to going through the pre-tech checklist, and plans to present Hattori to the tech inspectors first thing Wednesday.

Stay tuned.


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