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Go, Land Speed racer: Day 3

August 25, 2014
Jaylin and Maverick

Jaylin and Maverick are ready to race! (Photos courtesy Jaylin Billig)

As you’ll recall, in our last episode, Jaylin spent pretty much all of Sunday waiting in line. Did she and Maverick get to run Monday?

She was at the salt bright and early, among the first in the pre-staging line. But the wind was blowing, as much as 20 mph. For safety reasons, the bikes are not allowed out on the course when winds are above 10 mph. Jaylin and everyone else waited. And waited. And waited…

“They kept saying, 15 minutes, 15 minutes,” she recalled. The wind would die down, then pick up again.

Since leaving would mean losing her place in line, Jaylin couldn’t follow up on a lead on a new ignition coil for Hattori, so the Honda remained in the trailer.

Jaylin, crapped out

This is what waiting in the pre-staging line for eight hours does to you. Jaylin didn’t get to run, and neither did anyone else. She’s third in line for Tuesday morning.


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