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Number 9… number 9…

July 27, 2014

The morning ride from Zuanich Point Park is about to leave (Orin O’Neill photos)

If it’s the fourth weekend in July, most folks in these parts know that means time for Hamster Run in Bellingham. This one was the ninth edition.

This time, the Friday evening meetup happened at the newly-opened Schweinhaus Biergarten in downtown Bellingham. People picked up their patches and snarky stickers while choosing among the many local brews on offer, and noshing on sausage and and sauerkraut.

Beer, patch, sticker

As usual, once everyone was sated and slaked there was a short ride around Bellingham, ending up on the roof of the downtown Parkade parking structure.

Parkade roof view

No time for rally shenanigans this year… there was a comedy show to see at The Upfront Theatre.

Of course, the busiest day is Saturday, with a short ride in the morning, and a long one in the afternoon. Though there was perfect weather all weekend, the crowd was smaller than in previous years. The diversity of scooters was nonetheless considerable.

Not a Vespa LX

No, that’s not a Vespa LX, but a rather blatant knockoff. Its owner says it runs and rides decently, but the plastic body panels seem more prone to damage than could usually be expected.

Roast pig

Running neck and neck in popularity with the long, scenic rides is the Saturday evening BBQ at Jeff and Mary’s place. The pig above weighed in at 120 lbs. (54.4 kg). And he was delicious.

Of course, there was a raffle, and of course our friend Chuck cleaned up.

Our friend Chuck, photobombed by Julie

There are no pix from out on the road, because I still don’t have anything of my own to ride. I do notice more and more comments from other places, in jest and otherwise, about how it would be nice if people would come to scooter rallies on a scooter. It’s definitely more fun if you can ride, but Darcy reminded me, “these are your people!” That they are.


Once again, Jeff and Mary served up a great breakfast Sunday morning as folks from out of town gathered to head home. Safe travels, friends. See you next time. Favicon


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