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Insanity the 27th

July 5, 2014
Alley parking

Insanity 27 scooterists gathered at Café Racer Friday evening (Orin O’Neill photos)

Fourth of July fell on Friday in 2014, which for our purposes meant Day Two out of four days of Scooter Insanity. This 27th version included an evening gathering at Café Racer, centered around the raffle of a 2014 Stella Automatic. Which I didn’t win. 😦

Racer owner Kurt held the winning ticket, which he’d bought for someone named Chelsea. There was also a last-minute consolation prize of a $1,000 gift cert from Vespa Lynnwood (donators of the scooter); Francesca scored that prize.

You had to be present to win, so I headed south early to beat what turned out to be not-horrible traffic. At least away from Seattle’s usual nightmarish traffic pockets, like Alki Beach. On the Fourth, people get there at the crack o’ dawn to claim a spot for the evening fireworks display.

Ducks' ET4 still rocks the Ontario plate

I was once again meeting up with Ducks, who now had a perfectly-running scooter thanks to expert fettling by Jason the Scooter Whisperer. The problem that resulted in the ET4’s poor running turned out to be a chafed wire, which was arcing onto the body. She had taken the bike to several other places that just wanted to throw parts at it until the problem disappeared, which unfortunately is a rather common aspect of scooter ownership. If you are lucky enough to have a good repair shop where you live, support them however you can.

We were going to meet up in Pioneer Square, but there was no place to meet up—all the watering holes were closed. On July 4th? Oh, well. Let’s go to Café Racer, I said. “Remember how to get there?” I asked. She did.

Ducks arrived shortly after I did. We were really, really, REALLY early. So we sipped cider and swapped stories about local politics in Seattle vs. Toronto. Rob Ford’s out of rehab. And Canada no longer seems to be the progressive oasis many Americans believe it to be.

Raffle Stella

The raffle Stella was right behind us. Metallic red seems to be the most popular Stella Automatic color around here.

As time passed, people who didn’t go on Sugarbear’s ride to the Northwest Historics races at Pacific Raceways began to arrive. The diversity of scooters at Insanity is still considerable, even as the Seattle scooter scene has evolved into a group of small clubs centered on specific types of scooters (and riders).

BMW scooter

There was even a BMW C-series.

12th Ruckus

Of course, Ruckus riders were representin’. Bet you didn’t know there was a 12th Ruckus, did you?

Stef rocks bunny ears

Stefanie was channeling her spirit animal on this day. She said the ears created some unanticipated aerodynamic issues.

Ready to leave

Following the raffle drawing, the F**k Yeah SC led a night ride “down the rabbit hole” to a secret location. Karaoke was part of the deal, I hear.

Activities continue through the weekend. If you can’t be there, you can follow the rally on social media via the hashtags #vcos and #scooterinsanity. You can even follow individual riders via the Glympse app for mobile devices. Ah, technology. Favicon


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