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Backfire Moto 47

June 21, 2014
Lammy and Harley

You’ll see everything with two wheels and an engine at Backfire Moto Night (Orin O’Neill photos)

Hadn’t been in a while, and Lynnwood isn’t THAT far from Seattle, so I decided to swing by Ballard for Backfire Moto Night.

There’ve been 47 of these, held the third Wednesday of the month (in the beginning, it was held every month, but last year they decided to take late fall and winter off). While it’s little more than a gathering of bikes and riders, it has become a place someone said you need to be if you ride. People hang out, show off their bikes, meet up with friends, eat and drink.

The Bit Saloon

The Bit Saloon is where most people seem to hang, though Shelter is also close to the action.

World Cup on TV

Shelter had the Croatia-Cameroon World Cup match on TV. In case you didn’t hear, Croatia kicked Cameroon’s butt.

Casey's wife's Vespa GT

Casey rolled in on his wife’s Vespa GT. He said something about it being the only scooter in the family that’s running at the moment.

White Lambretta

This Lambretta was the first scooter to show up. As usual, I arrived unfashionably early.

Pair of Ps

Others arrived as the evening went on.

ItalJet Dragster 50

The rider of this ItalJet Dragster 50 said it was totally stock.

For sale

There were bikes for sale, too.

Of course, I took a whole bunch more photos, which you can click here to see. Favicon

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  1. June 25, 2014 5:04 pm

    what an amazing collection of surviviors!

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