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Jan. in Juneuary

June 7, 2014
Scooters at the parkway

Friday night is scooter night at the Parkway (Orin O’Neill photos)

Folks in the PNW often refer to this time of year as “Juneuary,” because it’s usually cool and drizzly. Such has not been the case this year.

I finally found an excuse to return to the Parkway Tavern in Tacoma: Ducks has returned to the upper-left corner of the Lower 48 after four years in Toronto, settling in Tacoma, and in need of a mobile phone. As it happened, I had one for sale. How ’bout we meet up at the Parkway?, I suggested.

Parkway exterior

Yes, mailing it would’ve been cheaper than driving the More Expensive Ford Taurus with a Different Grille, but I wanted to catch up. And wanted to see this place again.

Parkway interior

And I wanted one of their burgers, accompanied this time by their to-die-for clam chowder. The ceiling is interesting, too.

Parkway ceiling

Ducks told stories of life in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Of course, she’s had a front-row seat for the Mayor Rob Ford scandal. She loves the city’s ethnic diversity; its hellishly expensive real estate, not so much (One of the city’s signature brick townhouses will run you about $1 million. And need a complete renovation. And even then your basement will still flood).

More scooters at the Parkway

It being Friday night, members of the Tacoma scooter crew (including former ‘Hamster Jason) showed up to have a beer or two and figure out where the evening ride would go. Ducks’ ET4 awaits the arrival of parts to make it run again, while I await an offer of employment (or a winning lottery ticket). I would love to find a job in Tacoma. Favicon


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