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Stella Automatic debuts at Scoot About

April 12, 2014
Flo and friends

Progressive Insurance spokescharacter Flo makes the scene at Scoot About (Orin O’Neill photos)

While the Stella Automatic has been on sale for a while, Seattle Genunine Scooters dealer Scoot About held a launch party Saturday, which spawned a ride featuring Stellas and open to all other scooters.

Suz used her powers of persuasion to recruit Kat(t) as ride leader. “There’ll only be five or six people,” said Suz. Well, it was a bluebird day in Seattle, and you know what that means — 40 scooters had gathered in the alley behind Scoot About. Hey, when the weather’s good, people wanna ride.

It was Kat(t)’s first time as ride leader. “Wanna lead it?” she asked, but I’d left my gear at home.

Amanda takes delivery

The group waited for Amanda, who was taking delivery of her new Electric Blue Stella 125 Automatic. Her previous bike, which is for sale, is one of the PX’s cousins. She was looking forward to not shifting gears.

I want this Stella!

Scoot About’s used inventory included this 2005 Stella. Which spoke to me very loudly, saying “please take me with you!” *Sigh!* There was a time not so long ago when I could’ve slapped a credit card down on the counter and said, “I’LL TAKE IT.” Well, after a test ride and bit of negotiation on the price. It’s just what I’m looking for: Enough miles on the clock to show it got ridden regularly and often, a Sito Plus pipe, and a patina that would make parking it uncovered outdoors and participating in gymkhanas super easy. Poverty, it doth suck.

The group departs

The group departed for a 2-hour tour of Queen Anne, Magnolia and Ballard. The route would end back at Scoot About, where there would be noms.


And goodie bags supplied by ride sponsor Progressive Insurance (that’s why Flo was there). And equally nifty goodie bag raffle prizes from Genuine Scooters, which Francesca shows off. Progressive also supplied pre-ride raffle prizes. Now that’s Progressive!™

Francesca shows off her goodie bag

2014 will see a great rally season. I can feel it. Favicon


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