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Lost and found

April 5, 2014

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally blown away that almost 900 of you find Scootin’ Old Skool’s tweets interesting enough to follow, and I thank you all (and if you’re not presently following, I invite you to join them… @scootinoldskool). In this case, a tweet grabbed my attention as few others have.

I’d know those Archie McPhee Bouncy Balls anywhere. Jeff, former lead tech at Vespa Seattle, now working at Scoot About, said in a subsequent tweet that the PX had been sitting in a parking garage for the last two years.

My mind has been racing. What parking garage? Where? It’s probably not been abandoned, but how could I get in touch with the owner? Who is the owner? I sold it to a woman who lived in Seattle’s Pike/Pine neighborhood… in 2009. She probably sold it.

Assuming it’s possible, how would I get it back? I have no money, especially not after having the More Expensive Ford Taurus with a Different Grille’s right front suspension repaired. Kickstarter? GoFundMe? Begging next to a freeway ramp? Aggghhh!

There was time to buy a Lotto ticket, so I did. Stay tuned. Favicon


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