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S is for Sprint *Updated

March 25, 2014
2015 Vespa Sprint

2015 Vespa Sprint (Piaggio Group photos)

You already know the 2015 Vespa Primavera is due at U.S. Vespa dealers any day now, right? Well, the other half of the modern smallframe equation was introduced to the media in Rome Monday.

As this is written, Vespa’s Facebook page is brimming with pix of the upcoming replacement for the Vespa S. It revives another old-skool model name: Sprint.

2015 Vespa Sprint

Just as the S was pretty much an LX with a different headset, so the Sprint is mostly a Primavera. Also with a different headset.


I cannot imagine just what Piaggio is thinking by fitting the Primavera with 11-inchers, which severely limits your options for replacement tires to (at the moment) the OEM Michelins. OTOH, there’s a veritable cornucopia of tires for 12-inch wheels, featuring all manner of rubber compounds, tread patterns, and if you require them, studded snow tires. I would be very surprised if sizes are not 120/70-12 front and 130/70-12 rear (like a GTS), though having both be the same size would make life easy if you wanted to carry a spare.

2015 Vespa Sprint accessorized

I require a top case and windscreen on my scooter, though I would go for a medium-height version of the latter. Standard equipment is a grab rail at the rear of the seat, just like the Primavera, so you will need to fit a rack to mount a case.

You’ll notice from the Facebook pix that the Sprint will be offered in bright primary colors, including yellow, the color I’d wanted my ET4 to be. I hope matte black or matte gray won’t be part of the color palette, but that’s me.

Plan on 50 and 125/150cc versions (depending on your local market), just like the S. As for pricing, well, the S has been more expensive than an LX, but at this moment it’s $100 less. I’ve heard the Sprint might come with the 946’s ABS/traction control, which would most likely bump up the price. Don’t know an intro date yet, but when I find that, or anything else, out I’ll update this post. Favicon

UPDATE, April 1, 2014: Cycle World’s Bruno dePrato attended the Sprint media launch in Rome, and had this to say about it. Main points: The Sprint 50 and Sprint 150 should arrive in the U.S. in mid-May, priced at $3,699 and $5,099 respectively. Tires are 110/70-12 front and 120/70-12 rear, in each case one size smaller than a GTS.


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