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It was so nice

August 19, 2013
A whole bunch of scooters

On Washington State Ferries, scooters board first. There was even a bit of room left for some cars! (Andrew Amodeo photo)

Seattle’s I’m So Nice Crew is the largest Asian scooter group in the area. They decided to have a ride Sunday, and invited scooterists of all persuasions to join them. Since the weather was nice, just about all of them did.

The state of Washington operates the largest ferry fleet in the U.S. For those who live on the west side of Puget Sound, the ferries are deeply woven into the fabric of life. They are the quickest way between Seattle and the Kitsap County cities of Bremerton and Bainbridge Island. And on this day, they were on the way to pizza.

A whole bunch of scooters, aft view

Rusty Cage photo

Here’s the group from a different angle. Those on two wheels get VIP treatment from Washington State Ferries—you get to jump the queue on the dock; you board first, and are directed to the front of the vessel. The ISN crew made prior arrangements with WSF, and got their own line on the dock. There were 84 bikes on this ride, the pix showing only part of the group. The others followed on a subsequent sailing, which surely prevented a riot by the cagers at the Edmonds ferry dock!

Ruckus rear tire

Justin Barnes photos

Yes, there were lots of Honda Ruckii, but the diversity of scooters within the group was truly amazing. Riders hailed from places as far away as Hawai’i. Yes, we can all just get along.

Riders, one in a mask

Likewise, the diversity of riders was refreshing.

Scooters on a Kitsap County road

The Kitsap Peninsula offers great roads and lush scenery. It’s a wonderful place to ride. The route took the group to Bremerton, where they boarded a ferry to Seattle. From there, it was on to Georgetown, and pizza at Stellar.

The I’m So Nice Crew is one of many new scooter groups that have sprung up in the Puget Sound area recently. With the new groups come new events, many are one-day rides organized on social media. This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed among the larger, longer-established scooter clubs; while there’s a place for the traditional 3-day scooter rally format, when the weather’s nice, people wanna ride. They now have many, many choices. Favicon

You can see a whole bunch more pix on Instagram. Hashtag: #isnferry2ferry

  1. jon permalink
    August 19, 2013 3:09 pm

    A few years back, my wife and I had a Honda Ruckus (mine), and a Honda Metro (hers). We lived in Puyallup, so we would truck them to Anacortes to the ferry boat docks, unload them from the truck, and then be first loaded onto the boat. We would go to either San Juan Island, or Orcas Island and spend the time riding all over the island having great times!!

  2. August 20, 2013 6:15 am

    Ordinarily, I don’t like riding with more than one other person, much less a large group. However, I have to admit, the one time I tagged along with a scooter club in Phoenix, it was a blast! Looks like a fun day.

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