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Vespa India adds upmarket VX, other models

July 24, 2013
Vespa VX adds goodies to the Indian LX (Piaggio Group image)

Vespa VX adds goodies to the Indian LX (Piaggio Group image)

Piaggio’s Indian subsidiary, Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. (PVPL), announced several additions to its domestic product lineup Saturday, highlighted by the VX, an upmarket version of its locally-built Vespa LX.

PVPL reports sales of over 50,000 of the IDM LX since sales began in Q4 of 2012. At introduction, PVPL said the new factory in Baramati was capable of producing 150,000 scooters per year; PVPL CEO Ravi Chopra had predicted at that time that capacity would be doubled within six months.

Do the math and you will see that factory is running well below capacity. Since exports were apparently ruled out early in the game (so, no Walmart Wasp), the only alternative was to add other models.

The VX puts back some of the content that got tossed on the Indian LX: It rocks a hydraulic front disc brake, tubeless tires (The LX’s had tubes?), two new colors and, when painted Dragon Red or Midnight Blue, a beige seat! Details can be found by clicking here, though some rather important ones (MSRP is..?) go missing as this is written.

Luckily, the Indian LX’s best feature carries over to the VX: Both wheels and tires are the same size, and are held on by lug nuts that are easy to remove. You could have a spare! You might even be able to take the wheel to a tire store, tell them it came off, uh, a trailer, and (maybe) get it patched! Well, maybe not. But the tires are a size that is less expensive than found on an American/European LX or GTS.

Speaking of which, the Indian Vespa lineup will soon expand exponentially. An Indian-made S 125 will become available later this year, and the entire Vespa product line as sold in the rest of the world (including the 946, which you can still order via the Vespa India website) will arrive in Vespa India showrooms by early 2014. Favicon


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