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Viva Las Vegas

March 4, 2013
Welcome to Las Vespas

Jen Merrill photos

Las Vegas happened over the weekend. For those who are just joining, it’s either the biggest or the second-biggest scooter rally in the U.S. and it happens in late February and/or early March. Friend Jen shares pix after the jump.

As you can see, the turnout was good. And so was the weather.


Here are a pair of nice Vespas.

Green and maroon Vespas

This is a nice Lambretta.

Blue & white Lambretta

A very nice Allstate.

Green Allstate

This Lambretta is very shiny. Good thing it was in the shade.

Chromed Lambretta

Not sure what this is. But then, Vegas is not limited to particular makes or models of scooters. All kinds of interesting bikes show up.

Some kind of small bike

Finally, here’s a video (not shot by Jen; parts may be NSFW) which sums up the weekend rather well. Enjoy! And put Vegas on your bucket list. Favicon

  1. March 6, 2013 10:53 pm

    Great pix and video… love the music you chose. ^_^
    Rich, Nevada Scooter Brigade.

  2. March 6, 2013 11:41 pm

    Thanks Rich, but I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the music, or the video… I found it on Facebook.

    But I have watched it, many times. I love it, and I think the music is perfect. Riding to Hoover Dam would be cool. I need to make it down there one of these years.

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