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There is a silver lining

December 18, 2012

Leah Estes-Bowman photos

You may recall, not long ago it was our sad duty to report the closure of Noho Scooters in Los Angeles.

Happily, all is not lost for Noho’s service customers: Noho’s technicians will continue to service and repair scooters at the Noho dealership location, for the forseeable future.

For me, one of the biggest revelations (and disappointments) about scooter ownership is how difficult it can be to find competent, professional service. This can be tough even in a major metro area.

Everything I’ve heard about the guys in the Noho shop has been good. Really good. It’s great that they’ve found a way to keep the lights on, and if you’re a Noho customer I can imagine you’re breathing a sigh of relief now. And if you aren’t, well by gosh you should bring your scooter by. I know I would. Favicon

If you find the contact info in the picture difficult to read, click on it for a full-size version you can print.


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