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Vespa 946 intro

November 8, 2012
Vespa 946

Piaggio Group

Here it is, folks. Unlike the concept rolled out at EICMA 2011, you can see things like mirrors, turn signals (Which being LEDs means they might be far enough apart for the U.S. market!) and cables. And a place to attach a number plate.

You’ll also notice a removable panel on the rear quarter, made necessary for engine access by the non-removable cantilever seat, a feature I thought surely would not make production.

In fact, the 946 is much, much closer to the concept than I thought it would be.

The only detail missing so far is a price. It’s apparent the 946 is NOT a replacement for the LX, but a “halo” scooter, something as much about attracting attention and getting people talking. Think Viper, New Beetle.

Update, November 13, 2012, 8:40 am PST:

Vespa 946, in white photo is on the spot with many photos (how’s your Italian?). To summarize: Color choices appear to be black with a gray seat or white with a red seat (yes, I know about the video of the yellow one, but that color is not in the press image gallery). The engine is indeed the 125cc 3V from the 2013 non-U.S. LX (which presumably will also be offered in 150cc guise where markets allow). The body is made (partially) of aluminum (you already knew that, right?).

The 946 is Piaggio Group’s only scooter intro; other bikes debuting at EICMA are the California 1400 by Moto Guzzi, and Aprilia’s Caponord 1200 and RSV4 ABS. Favicon

  1. VespistiWV permalink
    November 9, 2012 8:46 pm

    Keeping in mind aluminum body, ABS, traction control, fancy lighting, the price should be at least the same as GTV 300, at least. I don’t think it will be positioned as LX replacement; if you read specs you’ll that the size of 946 is bigger than GTS. 946 has 12 inches wheels therefore the picture gives us impression of something small like Smallframe or at least LX/S, it is optical illusion. Also, an American scooterist automatically thinks about 946 as LX replacement because of 125/150 engines BUT GTS 125 Super are available in Europe. Who can imagine GTS 125 in the US??? Nobody 🙂 We have two things- optical illusion and regional market trends. I think Piaggio will add the new generation of 200-250-300 to 946 model within couple years.

  2. November 14, 2012 7:17 am

    Looking at the photos at Eicma i´m pretty sure that it´s a small frame. There´s no problem in adding the 12 inches wheels, look at small frames from other brands (like SYM Fidlle II).
    I´m curious about the price here in Europe.


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