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Gettin’ cold?

October 22, 2012

Corazzo Underhoody

Okay, I’ll admit it’s rather nice to be able to crank the Fourth Estate’s heater as the chill arrives. But if there were still a scooter at my house, I’d get one of these in a heartbeat.

I’m talking about Corrazo Design’s Underhoody, a garment so brilliant in its concept it surprises me nobody has done something like it before. Okay, maybe someone has, and I just haven’t heard about it. Whatever.

You can see it on the right (unless you’re looking at this on your phone). Fleece long-sleeve top with a built-in balaclava to keep as much or as little of your noggin warm as you’d like.

Ah, but the real beauty of the Underhoody is illustrated below.

Underhoody thumb hole

Corazzo Design images

There’s a thumbhole, which ensures the sleeve doesn’t bunch up as you don additional layers. The key to staying warm is making sure the layers get tucked in, keeping the cold out.

When you ride, hypothermia is a definite possibility, which among other things can dull your brain functions. And it doesn’t have to be freezing cold, either.

And yet, as local temperatures hover around 40°F I see lotsa folks on scoots dressed in shorts and sandals. *Sigh*

Once I’m back on two wheels, an Underhoody will be once of my first gear purchases. Find it at your local motorcycle/scooter joint, or at Corazzo’s Web site.

And no, they are not compensating me for post. I don’t roll that way. Favicon

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  1. October 23, 2012 2:53 am

    Orin, I have one, and yes, at 40F, the Underhoody layered under my Corazzo 5.0 riding jacket keeps me very comfortable.

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