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T-Town Flotilla the second

August 30, 2012

T-Town Flotilla logo

Western Washington has been having an actual summer this year. A good thing, especially in light of all the camping rallies happening here, among those the second edition of the Firkin SC’s T-Town Flotilla.

Parkway meetup

Frank Kuzmanich photos

As is their custom, the Firkins held the Friday meetup at Tacoma’s Parkway Tavern. I still haven’t made it to this place; I must do so, soon. The evening ride ended at the Tap Room, where the F**k Yeah SC hosted.

Group ride

There were scooterists from all over Puget Sound on Saturday, which kicked off with a ride to the LeMay Museum’s “Meet Me at the Ace” moto gathering on the show field.

Group ride

While there were many of the expected cafe racers, the show featured a diverse collection of 2-wheeled vehicles. Including the one above.

Group ride

From there, it was off to the campsite, with the usual midway stop at the Flotation Device in Purdy.


Tents pitched, campfire roaring, it was time for the usual camping rally antics, some of which seemed to involve guys dressed in Speedos. See those pix right here.

Baked beans on toast

Sunday morn featured that British breakfast staple, baked beans on toast, followed by campsite cleanup and goodbyes to friends old and new.

Baked beans on toast

While the Tacoma crew headed south, those from Seattle and points north had a ferry to catch. Favicon

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  1. J. Benjimin permalink
    August 30, 2012 6:37 pm

    I’m digging the saddlebags on the Stella cowl protectors, anyone have any info on them?

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